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“Payment Profile Code In Use” - Support Team Tip

Posted by Katherine Silver on Feb 28, 2019 12:19:35 PM

“Payment Profile Code In Use”


Have you seen this error message before?


If so, you know it can be frustrating when you’re trying to get that rush batch of checks out.


This message can be brought about by another user actually performing a Payment Run at the same time, but it’s more likely that someone was processing a Payment Run when either they got disconnected, or the server became unresponsive.


Effectively the system believes the process is still running as it never reached the end.


When you encounter this message, the solution is to have a SQL script run against the database to force that Profile Code to be released.


If you are a PAS hosted client, send us an email and we’ll run the version specific script against your database.


If you’re self-hosted, inquire with your Sun version and we can provide the correct script for your IT to process and you can be back on your way to cutting those checks!


- provided by Fred Leonard

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