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New SunSystems Features

Posted by Katherine Silver on Feb 28, 2019 12:07:25 PM

SunSystems 6.3 includes these new application features:

  • Extended Analysis which allows you to:
    • Add fields to analysis codes so you can store and use extra attributes on analysis codes
    • Store additional information directly on an analysis code, where the analysis code represents a particular static data item
    • Define supplementary properties for the static data items of which the existing fields provided are insufficient
  • The Withholding Tax process is now part of Sun 6.3 core functionality. Withholding Tax calculates and posts withholding tax on selected accounting transactions according to user-defined tax rules and thresholds.


From a more technical standpoint, Sun 6.3 has a new new multi-tier architecture in Sun6.3 allows software components to be logically divided into layers and facilitates the differentiation between tiers that are publicly accessible, and the private tiers that are accessed internally.


Additionally, the Sun 6.3 deployment manager tool simplifies the load balancing configuration and implementation processes, while the SSRS (Sun Systems Reporting Services) is included as part of a single installation process.


- provided by Fred Leonard.


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